About us

Teembus is an account/registration free car sharing platform. It is working like a closed network, only with a shared link will you be able to collaborate.

Where does the idea come from?

I usually give rides for my kids to their sports events. In the case of a Basketball cup, just our team means 10-12 kids. Most of them come in separate cars. Me, and other parents try to communicate and give a lift to other kids, but it is not easy. Iā€™m frustrated, not just because of the loss of money and time, but to see that many cars every time. This platform may not be the best, but it can solve the problem, and I believe there are a lot of people on this planet with the same problem/thinking as I do. I hope it will help on the planet and on them too.

Why registration/account free?

I like to handle tasks with as much effort as needed. I thought it should work as smoothly as it can.

How does it work?

At the beginning, anyone who is involved in the occasion, can create an Event on Teembus with a very simple form. After this step, he/she can send invites to other people to join.

After the event has been created, we send an invitation email form to the creator of the event, which he/she can forward from his inbox to whom he/she wants to involve. I prefer this way, because in this scenario the email comes from his/her own e-mail address, what builds more trust. But, you can invite others from the Teembus Dashboard of the event, from where you can also copy the invitation link only if you wish. When other participants receive a link (from email or from another way), they can join the event, and see the actual status in the Dashboard.

They are allowed to do here:

  • offer his/her car to give a lift to others
  • grab a seat, and join other participants car
  • set up a reminder, in case there isn't free spot

One day before the event, the platform automatically sends out a reminder to every participant about his role.

Three days after the event, every data from every part of the event will be deleted.

What other features were included?

Creator of the event can modify it. Car owners can have their own dashboard like page from their passengers. Passengers can get in/out from cars. Teembus communicate in email all important event to the involved participants. Etc.