Teeming your car with kids or friends to save the environment

Teembus is an event-based ridesharing service.

Less cars
Healthy Planet
Less driving
More freetime
Less fuel to burn
More money
Less loneliness
More new friends

Are you going to a popular event? A festival, concert?

Check it out, there might already be an event on the Teembus platform. Maybe you’ll find a ride for yourself right away, or if you’re driving, make your seats available to others.

Public Events on Teembus

Are you heading to you kid’s match, camp, or other distant performance?

Share your cars empty seats so that fewer cars and drivers are needed, leaving a smaller environmental footprint, and making it simpler and cheaper to get the whole team to the destination.

+ Create a new event

How to create a Teembus event? It’s easy as abc.

Where do youwant to go?

Add your event to Teembus with the above Create Event function.

It’s a simple, two-step form.

Whom do you travel with?

Teembus creates your event. It also generates a special link that allows others to join.

Now, you can invite friends to join with sharing the created link with them.

Who commeswith car?

With the use of the generated link, participants can:

  • Add his/her car andoffer rides to others
  • Accept a ride andget in a car
  • Get notified, in case there isn’t a free seat available
Shall we go?

One day before the Event, Teembus notifies every participant about his/her role.

Have a great ride TOGETHER!